FarmBOX monitors the best growing conditions


best growing conditions

Horticulturalists, enthusiasts and indoor gardening enthusiasts are looking for a unique monitoring system that can provide insight into the optimal growing conditions for their crops, large or small. You may be interested in new Internet of Things smart sensor and monitoring systems powered by Raspberry Pi. farm box.

Offering artificial intelligence analytics, live camera feedback, automatic intelligent watering, and more, the system has its own companion smartphone application currently available for Android devices, and will be rolled out to iOS devices in the near future. Built using a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 WH mini PC, the system uses the Seeed Studio Wio terminal, available for $36.

FarmBOX monitors optimal growing conditions

monitor the best growing conditions

“FarmBOX is an IoT device designed to enable sustainable plant monitoring and growth powered by AI. FarmBOX’s main features are the ability to automatically adjust plant watering based on sensor readings and the ability to run AI models to alert on plant maturity and overall plant health. The AI ​​model is either a standard model provided by FarmBOX or a self-learning model implemented by the user FarmBOX devices have a companion Android app that can be used to manage the device, for example , send new or preconfigured settings to FarmBOX, view live feeds from cameras, receive alerts, and manage automatic firmware updates.”

“Unlike most other farm-related IoT devices, FarmBOX doesn’t just take sensor readings, it interprets sensor readings and tells you when is the best time to water your plants, or if your plants are watering. It has the ability to decide when to save water when it doesn’t need spearing.Another unique feature of FarmBOX is that it is also an open platform, which means it can be easily extended by the end user. One example relates to AI capabilities, where users can use one of our pre-trained AI models or easily train their own.”

For more information on the best growing conditions available and the projects created to provide feedback, please visit the official website at the link below and check out the official project pages.


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